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HID prožektoriai

The JR LED Flood Lights are independently designed and produced have obtained CCC,CE,TUV,CSA,VDE,SAA,BIS,UL and other relevant certifications.
Professional cooling structure technology,inside and outside air ducts design,high efficiency heat dissipation performance.
Wholesale flood lights or customized flood light, JR Lighting can meet your lighting requirements. We have been in lighting industry for over 10 years and outdoor flood light fixtures are one of the popular series globally. If you are looking for a reliable LED flood
Lights supplier or customized flood light factory, contact us to get a free quote. 
Applicable occasions: Suitable for shopping malls, exhibition halls, parking lots, playgrounds, gyms, parks, building facades and public corridors, stair corridors and other indoor and outdoor lighting.

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  • Metalo halogeno prožektorius JR103
    Metalo halogeno prožektorius JR103

    Aukšto slėgio liejimo aliuminio lydinio korpusas, didelio intensyvumo, didelio tvirtumo, išorinė elektrostatinė terminio purškimo danga, atspari korozijai, atspari smūgiams, tvirta ir patvari

  • Metalo halogeno prožektorius JR104
    Metalo halogeno prožektorius JR104

    Aukšto grynumo aliuminio korpusas, antioksidacinis apdorojimas, atsparus korozijai, didelio intensyvumo, šilumos išsklaidymo

  • Metalo halogeno prožektorius JR109
    Metalo halogeno prožektorius JR109

    Aukšto slėgio liejimo aliuminio lydinio korpusas, didelio intensyvumo, didelio atsparumo, elektrostatiniai terminiai purškiami dažai, atsparūs korozijai, tvirti ir patvarūs

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